Miep is a standalone multitimbral virtual analog software synthesizer that runs on Linux. It is written entirely in C++, is based on ALSA and GTK and uses MMX/SSE wherever possible. Everything can be controlled via MIDI and it can use as many individual outputs as your soundcard supports. The first public release is expected well before ITER will be finished.

Several unedited quick jam sessions recorded during development of Miep:

(yes, there are all kinds of mistakes; they're jam sessions, recorded in one go)

All tracks and all sounds are Miep-only unless stated otherwise. No samples were used; this is all pure virtual analog synthesis. Sequenced on an Akai MPC-2000XL. New jams can be found on my soundcloud page. These are all 100% Miep as Miep now includes a sequencer too.

Obligatory slightly outdated screenshot:

Screenshot history here.

Contact: mail miep@zmooc.net